How To Draw Scooby Doo Step By Step

Now draw an acorn shape for the nose…and the other shape inside the nose is the highlight. The oval doesn’t have to be perfect.

How to Draw Scooby Doo Scooby Doo Drawing step by step

Step 3.sketch the base for the tail and the ears (pencil b).

How to draw scooby doo step by step. And a pet and best friend of shaggy rogers view as : Try to avoid overly bright colors. Now stretch the face lines downwards for the neck.

First, draw an oval, standing perpendicularly as shown in picture 1 (this will be the head of your scooby), followed by another, smaller oval overlapping the first one. Our left line starts right from the ear, and our right line starts from the cheek. How to draw scooby doo step by step drawing tutorial for kids and others step 1.

Now add the small lines (picture 1) inside and around the first oval; How to draw scooby doo. Easydrawingart team prepared it especially for you.

Draw two ovals above the snout to form the eyes. Draw a curved line under the left eye for detail. Draw curved shapes to form the eyebrows, and surround a triangle to detail the inner ear.

Colored pencils video standard printable step by step Repeat for the other rear leg. Cross that line with a short slanted line for shaggy’s shoulders.

Step by step this edition was published in january 1, 2002 by walter foster. Again stretch the line from the belt downwards, make a hoody shape for the back leg and draw front legs by extending the curve line and join them by making round finger shape for palms. Firstly, lightly sketch the basic shapes that make up scooby’s form.

Inside each eye, draw a circle for his pupil and shade it in. Next, draw two intersecting lines across the oval, one vertical and one horizontal. Both lines are directed towards the body.

We use traditional colors to recreate the familiar look of this adorable dog. How to draw shaggy from scooby doo with easy step by step drawing lesson step 1. Use curves to outline the forehead, ears and neck.

Draw a circle around the neck for the belt. Draw two smooth, vertical lines to connect the head and the body. We hope that you have felt your progress in art after completing this lesson.

Now draw the left side. The physical object format paperback number of pages 32 dimensions 10.7 x 8.3 x 0.2 inches weight 4 ounces id numbers open library ol8613676m isbn 10 1560107154 isbn 13 9781560107156 oclc/worldcat 53115326 library thing Note the three lines at the corner of the jaw that represent the folds of the skin.

Scooby doo’s only outfit is a tagged collar where we can see the first letters of his nickname. Then, draw a short curved line downwards. Then draw another tilted line forwards for shaggy’s spine.

Begin by drawing scooby's snout. Draw the right side of scooby’s snout. Scooby doo is one of the widest known cartoon characters in the entire world.

How to draw scooby doo step 1. So it was a drawing instruction on how to draw scooby doo. They will eventually serve as the outlines for the ears, eyes and neck.

Use a curved line to the right of his mouth for his lip and an even bigger curve under his mouth for his big chin. The characters began being designed during 1957 by william hanna and joseph barbera, former Draw four straight lines from the front circle to make scooby's front legs.

Use the curves to surround the open mouth, tongue and lower jaw. 2 pinterest twitter facebook reddit. Draw a smaller line from the knee's bottom down for the lower leg.

The vertical line should be close to the right side and the horizontal line should be close to the top of. Draw a circle within a circle inside each, and shade between them to form the pupil. How to draw scooby doo step by step drawing lesson.

Start by drawing a long oval in the middle of the page. Draw a curved, inverted triangle for the nose, and use curved lines to enclose the two portions of the upper lip.


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